Nowhere New
A sci-fi detective game where ideas are currency and every decision matters
July, 2020
Game, Level, and Narrative Designer, Environment Artist
Fight Song
A 2v2 platformer made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020
February, 2020
Game Designer, Level Designer, Environment Artist
Beta Blocks: The Game
A board game about urban technology, created for the City of Boston
August, 2019
Game Designer
A Player Destruction map for Team Fortress 2 with a unique mechanic to prevent camping
August, 2019
Level Designer, Video Producer
Guava Gulf
A 3-Stage Payload Race map for Team Fortress 2 with unique final stage mechanics
April, 2018
Level Designer
Talking Time
A short turn-based RPG about talking through your problems
April, 2018
Game Designer, Lead Artist, Level Designer
Icebox (Arena)
An Arena map for Team Fortress 2 created for a research project
April, 2018
Researcher, Level Designer
A four-player board game about area denial and strategic positioning, with an extensive design log
December, 2017
Game Designer, Artist
Ice Cream Social
A party game about social dynamics and the feeling of being left out
December, 2017
Game Designer, Artist
Cutthroat Runway
A 2-player strategy/deck-building game about high-stakes fashion
December, 2016
Game Designer
My longest-running project, a Steel-style Attack/Defense map for Team Fortress 2
November, 2015
Level Designer, Texture Artist
A Capture the Flag map for Team Fortress 2, with a unique twist
August, 2014
Level Designer
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